Eating Local

So what does 'local food' mean? Well, the food you buy in the grocery store has traveled, on average, 1500 miles to get to the you. Local food is grown close to where it's sold and eaten. At Monroe Village Farmers' Market that means all the food you see has been grown or produced within 100 miles of the church parking lot. Because it's fresher, and because farmers didn't have to take 'travel sturdiness' into account in choosing which varieties to grow, local food tastes better. It also contains more nutrients, and less fossil fuel is used to get it to market, which means it's a sustainable choice. It's a win-win-win situation.

Eating local also means eating what's in season when it's in season. No, you can't grow strawberries in upstate New York in February. Nor can you buy 'local' pineapple in Rochester. So what you find at our market will change from week to week. We won't have tomatoes in June, but when they come in in July they will be amazing.

To find out when the fruit or vegetable of your dreams is likely to appear at the market, take a look at the Pride Of NY seasonal chart