Volunteerism at the Monroe Village Farmers’ Market

Volunteers for the Market

There are many different skills and levels of commitments that are needed to successfully operate the Monroe Village Farmers’ Market. Everyone is a volunteer, so we like to spread the work as thinly as possible. We want to engage the largest possible part of the community and to avoid leaning on any one individual. And the more hands and minds, the more creative and the merrier!

The market season runs from mid-June through mid-October. The Market is open to shoppers every Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm. It is located in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament's parking lot (corner of Rutgers Street and Monroe Avenue).

Inquire via email Right Now! - - or at the bottom of the page after you have learned more about what jobs we must fill!

Organization of Jobs at the Market

Managing the Market can be divided into two broad categories of work: Market-day tasks and Back-office tasks.

Market-day tasks involve set-up, break-down, EBT (SNAP Food Stamps), traffic control, helping farmers, musicians, artists, general vendors, and shoppers, and socializing! Back-office work involves legal, financial, promotional, recruitment, coordination, and training tasks.

Specific Jobs on Market-days

  • Supervisors
  • Openers and Closers
  • Traffic Director
  • Food Stamp Card Swipe Operator (Assistant to the Supervisor)
  • Sidewalk Boosters
  • Lawn Sign Hosts

The largest number of volunteers are needed for Market-day activities. We need at from 2 to 4 people every Market-day.

One individual serves as the Market-day supervisor, who, ideally, remains on-site for the hours between 3pm and 7:45pm on any given Wednesday. With creative scheduling and with enough volunteers, we can divide that time commitment into any number of chunks by scheduling more than one supervisor for a Market-day!

Openers and Closers are needed between 3pm and 4pm for set-up (pop-up tents, chairs, electrical extension cords) and between 7pm and 7:45pm for break-down, storage, and sweeping. We can schedule different crews for each of these time periods on any particular Wednesday.

We will train people who can staff the SNAP Food Stamp booth and operate the card swiper. It works just like a credit or debit card swiper at a supermarket only it accepts just Food Stamp cards.

This year, we would like a few people to serve as Boosters by holding and displaying signs along the sidewalk near the Market. Many people who visit the Market do not plan to stop in advance. They make an impulsive decision to stop while driving along Monroe Avenue.

Ideally, we ask Market-day volunteers to make a commitment for at least one Wednesday each month during the market season. That means a commitment of just 5 times, each time as little as one hour, over a period of 5 months. However, any commitment, no matter how small or large, helps make the Market a success.

If you are just plain busy on Market-Days, but you can display a lawn sign on your front lawn, please raise your hand! They are about the size of political lawn signs, and they remind your neighbors, and passers-by, that the Market is open. We ask that you install the sign on Wednesday mornings - they have wire legs and push into the ground with very little effort - and remove the sign after 7pm. They store very neatly against a wall in the garage or a closet.

Specific Jobs in the Back-office

  • Bookkeeper(s)
  • Legal Advisor(s)
  • Office Manager(s)
  • Graphic Artist(s)
  • Copywriter(s)
  • Webmaster(s)
  • Social Media Master(s)
  • Advertising Coordinator(s)
  • Volunteers Coordinator(s)
  • Lawn Sign Coordinator(s)
  • Photographer(s)
  • General Helper(s)
  • Other, unforeseen jobs, too!

Operating the Market is just like operating any small business. On the legal and financial side, we collect contracts, insurance endorsements, and payments from vendors; we file financial reports for the EBT transactions; we make deposits to the bank account; and, we keep general financial books.

On the promotional side, we maintain a website and publish a weekly newsletter, which often includes a recipe for items available at the Market. It would be nice to upgrade and manage our Facebook page, our Instagram account, and maybe even create a Twitter account. We distribute and manage lawn signs in the adjacent neighborhoods. We announce Market-days through the neighborhood associations via email and their periodic newsletters. And, we are always advertising for volunteers, musicians, artists, and community groups via local organizations.

Of course, we are also in constant contact with farmers to answer their questions about the Market and to address their concerns and special needs.

Sign-up to be a Volunteer for the Market

Send an email to ask a question! If you wish, please describe how you would like to become involved and your availability. We will contact you with more information and the date, time and place of the next orientation meeting for volunteers!