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Vol.10 Nbr01 Wk. 00 May 29, 2017

The Market's first day for the 2017 season will be June 14.

It is just two weeks away!

Open on Wednesdays, 4pm to 7pm
Blessed Sacrament's Parking Lot
726 Monroe Avenue (the Corner at Rutgers Street)

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The Market ended last year with a glorious day in mid-October.

Bounty of the late season harvest.

Our vendors are looking forward to another great year. We have several new inquiries by farmers looking to attend, so talk to your friends and neighbors about the wonderful vibe and food at our neighborhood market. It is worth the short walk, or drive!

Happiness at the Monroe Village Farmers' Market!

The Market banner flags flew proudly and are now packed away for the new season..



by Shana Krisiloff

The owners of Timber Buck Maple Farm, Lori and Scott Needham, start to tap their maple trees as soon as the winter ends. This year, early March was mild, but the second half was cold and snowy.

Spring didn't really arrive until the beginning of April. The maple sap thawed and the new network of gravity powered tubes worked perfectly. Their organic, NYS certified maple syrup operation has many steps. Here's a quick run-down on what it takes!

No longer do the Needhams have to trek up and down the forest hills with heavy pails full of sap (although the iconic metal bucket will always be part of their décor). Here, we see the start of something new: a little white tap on a big barky tree.

Sap drips into FDA approved plastic tubes, which criss-cross the woods from tree to tree.

The maple sap flows downhill to a 300-gallon collection tub.

A tractor is needed to transport the collection tub to the wood-fired concentrator in the syrup barn.


The sap is simmered (boiling would ruin the taste) and thickened to the right consistency for syrup. Then the syrup is filtered and transferred to the manual jug-filling station.

Lori and Scott fill 8oz, 10oz, and 1 liter jugs to satisfy the cravings of any maple maven!

The last step is to seal and serialize each jug before it goes to market. And to provide tastes to curious visitors!


The first Market Day (June 14) of the new season is just two weeks away!.

Volunteers are as critical as ever. Remember that everyone who helps make the Market a reality is a volunteer: from the Market Manager to the lawn sign hosts and everyone else, too.

Our current group of volunteers is stretched thin. Especially the Market Manager who has been wearing many hats and who must reduce his weekly commitment of hours.

For more information visit the volunteer jobs page on our website.

These are of some of the more critical jobs that we need filled:

Openers and Closers

Openers help setup the tents for the musicians, the community group, and the information table. They also setup chairs, signs, and flags. Openers start setup at about 3pm so that the Market is ready for shoppers at its opening time of 4pm.

Closers return the tents, chairs, signs, and flags to storage. They start the process of break-down at 7pm when the Market closes to shoppers and the vendors start to re-pack their trucks.

For many years, Peter Mitchell has nearly single-handedly opened and closed the market. He planted flags, popped tents, and lugged chairs. This year, he must cut back as age catches up with him. He might be able to supervise, but we need a crew of one or two able-bodied helpers to carry and move everything.

Do you know anyone who is retired? Or anyone who has some Wednesday afternoons off and who are looking for a way to help the community? Tell them about the market! We are looking for individuals to help with opening and closing every week.


We need individuals to deliver posters to businesses along Monroe, Park, East, and University Avenues and in the neighborhoods around the Monroe Village area.

We have developed a new poster for this year, but we still need the creative input of artists and writers.

Lawn Sign Hosts

Lawn signs are the most effective advertising for this market. A large number of signs along a street on every Wednesday helps to trigger curiosity and demonstrates popular support for the Market. We are looking for home owners, landlords, and renters who will post a sign on their front lawns. We are also looking for volunteers who can post one, two, or more signs in church yards and key corners in their neighborhoods.


Click here to open your email client and send a note to Allen. Or click here to jump to the Volunteer page on our website and read a bit more about the various jobs that must be filled to make the Market a success.

Look deep into your soul, recognize the value of our neighborhood farmers market, and click that mouse or tap that screen!


On February 22, Allen Krisiloff was interviewed about the Monroe Village Farmers' Market by Greg (Metal Man) and Elizabeth (Miss Good Neighbor). They are the hosts of a weekly program called Street Voices. The discussion zigzagged and bounced between baby goats, machine vision, mathmatical pi, fruit pie, small business, and healthy neighborhoods.

To listen to a recording of the show, visit WRFR's webpage Street Voices 74. You can stream the recording and listen directly by clicking on the start arrow at the top center of that webpage (under the image of the audio waveform). Or you can download the recording by clicking one of the options in the download options" frame (towards the bottom of that same webpage).


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