Wednesday Evenings

June 10 - October 15

4:00 – 7:00 PM

July 1, 2015 (4th Market Day of the season)


Lagoner Farms, Williamson

Strawberries, turnips, radishes, kale, summer squash, cherries, and apples..

Paperwhite Flowers, Clifton Springs

Fresh cut flowers, organic soap, organic cosmetics, leather bracelets, dupattas (scarves), honey, eggs, and beets.

Clover Meadow Creamery, Lyons

Goat milk, goat yogurt, goat cheese, and natural scents.

Sunscape Farms, Penfield

Strawberries, peas, zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes, herbs, hanging pots of flowers.

Perrine Family Farm, Lyons

Non-GMO, non-medicated, grass-fed, and chemical-free chicken (whole and halves), beef (ground, sirloin, Delmonico, porterhouse, T-bone), lamb (ground, chops, steaks, shanks), pork (chops, sausage, spare ribs, ham steaks, pork butt, bacon, and hocks), and chicken eggs.

Timber Buck Maple, Bloomfield

Maple syrup, maple jelly, maple candies, clover honey, mustard, swiss chard, and eggs.

GG Bakes, Rochester

Cookies, mini pies, spicy ginger snaps, oatmeal and French macaroons.

Flour City Flavors, Williamson

Extracts of almond, anise, banana, coconut, hazelnut, lemon, maple, orange, pecan, peppermint, pineapple, raspberry, rum, strawberry, and vanilla. No artificial sweeteners.

The Happy Pickle

Seven varieties of pickles including jalapeno and pure garlic.

Neno's Gourmet Mexican Street Food

All sorts of tacos, burritos, chilaquiles, and salads..

Java's Cafe Truck

Coffee and snacks.



Gerard Weber is from Rochester NY. Performing to audiences large and small, Gerard engages the audience by choosing music that is both recognizable and accessible to young and old alike. He surrounds himself with other accomplished musicians forming ad hoc bands that have as much fun as the audience. They play a variety of rock (classic, alternative, and popular), folk, and acoustic from the 60s to the 2000s.

Gerard is currently a member of two rock bands and one church praise band, and has performed in other projects over the years in venues all around the Rochester area. He and his wife Jeanne have performed at the Monroe Village Farmers Market for several seasons both on their own, and sitting in with Mike Mclaughin; and they look forward to entertaining patrons and vendors again, this season.

Current band members are Gerard (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Jeanne Weber (background vocals, hand percussion), and Paul Randolph (drums).


Eastern Service Workers Association

Stop by the Community Table to learn about the Eastern Service Workers Association, which builds a voice for low paid workers to fight their poverty conditions. The Association is currently organizing a membership drive, and is looking for volunteers to expand their services: legal advice, dental care, and emergency food, clothing, and household goods.


To be Scheduled in 2015


Blessed Sacrament Church Parking Lot
726 Monroe Avenue
(Near Oxford)
Rochester, NY

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Greetings from the Monroe Village Farmers' Market.

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